Competitive advantages


Our commitment is absolute and our vocation, to be effective collaborators in the objective of implementing the ethical concepts of the company and getting them to penetrate the business world. To do this, when implementing our channel, our training manager gives talks to all staff about the importance of using the ethical channel, how to use it and the obligation to do so. in Compliance at the UIC and with 6 years of experience in the implementation and management of Ethical Channels, it facilitates the understanding that ethics is everyone’s business and that the Code of Ethics is there to comply with.

Our Spanish idiosyncrasy tends to think that communicating a breach is being a “snitch”. Our experience indicates that with these talks, the staff “breaks” this taboo a bit, thereby achieving greater participation. The idea is transmitted that informing is contributing to making your environment more competitive, more supportive, more pleasant, more fair and that the “smart ones” do not take advantage of the fact that others do comply with the commitments acquired by accepting to be part of a staff that, globally, is obliged to introduce them into their daily lives for the common good. That this affects all levels of the business scheme and that it also brings benefits to those at the lowest level.