Competitive advantages


This figure created by ETIKA 360º, concerns the personnel who receive the complaints, analyze them and manage them. They are people trained in both private investigation and compliance, but also in security and criminology matters, thereby giving our service a plus. Our communications are not limited to reporting the events made known through the channel, but include a short report with an assessment of them and a proposal for solutions.

In addition, regardless of the agreed periodicity regarding the communication of the Channel’s activity, when ETIKA 360º receives a complaint that has signs of reality and that represents a risk, an alarm is triggered that implies an urgent communication to the client informing of the situation in a maximum period of 24 hours from receipt of the same and also offers immediate action proposals (eg: harassment, theft in warehouses, information leaks, sabotage …).

Detectives carry out their work permanently in the field of investigation and mostly in investigation within the company. This gives us a greater capacity when it comes to evaluating the possible veracity of the contents, as well as to offer an effective avenue of investigation that can, if required, conclude in a judicial report capable of being presented before the courts of Justice.

Obviously the decision of who, how and when to carry out our suggestions, is completely in the hands of the client company, thus this “extra” is a plus for ETIKA 360º.